DWJJ-II type soft rubber pill machine

DWJJ-II type soft rubber pill machine

DWJJ-II type soft glue pill machine consists of drug supply, glue supply, pulse cutting, coolant circulation, refrigeration, and other systems. The whole machine adopts pulse cutting technology, PLC and touch screen control. Pill loading is accurate, and pill dropping can be formed without mold. Low cost, convenient operation and high degree of automation; The combination of imported refrigeration unit and our patented spiral refrigeration exchanger can make the refrigeration capacity larger. Under the premise of environmental protection, energy saving and improvement of work efficiency, the refrigerator can quickly cool down, change the original immersion evaporator cooling speed is slow, and the oil tank is difficult to clean the problem, in line with GMP standards. The filling materials of this machine are oily substances insoluble in water (cod liver oil, vitamins, A, D, E, K, traditional Chinese medicine), vegetable oil, essence, smoking cessation formula, nutrition, etc. The machine can be widely used in health care products, medicine, food explosion beads, cosmetics explosion beads and smoke explosion beads and other industries of seamless soft rubber pill production.

Operating voltage                380V  (Three-phase 5-wire system)                production capacity                8-48 grains | seconds
                Rated power    5KW(Host)+4.5KW(60L tank)                Pellet diameter                2-8mm
                Rubber tank volume                Standard 60L                Dropping pill filling quantity                5-300mg
                Volume of content tank                ≦10L(Customizable)                Coolant volume                50L
                Supply pressure                ≤0.6Mpa

                Ambient temperature                22-25℃                Total weight of equipment                450kg
                Relative humidity                45-60℃                Overall dimension of host mm                955*855*1900